Dear @mailchimp Did you know promoted tweets make me stop giving a shit about your brand? Now you do. Please stop flinging poo, mail chimp.


July 05, 2011 04:20 pm

First, some back story. A decidedly spammy company purchased our brand's keyword and was running spammy promoted tweets. In order to block theirs from showing up, we started a "brand integrity" Promoted Tweets campaign. 

That being said, we honestly appreciate your feedback. We feel that it's an opportunity to provide some interesting and little-known tips to our followers, and we try to keep 'em fresh and useful. On that note, we realize they *do* take up screen real estate and might be a little irritating at times.

It's a fine line, and we understand the need to be careful in dealing with the challenges of annoying people, etc. So for now, consider it an experiment as we continue to tweak and fine tune things.